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SAT and Gema, the Aluminium Powder Coating Partner for the revamping of Hydro Building System Spain

Norsk Hydro offers a wide range of solutions, products and services for those industries working with aluminium: in particular, the Building System Branch (with its 3 brands: Sapa, Technal and Wicona) develops and produces completed aluminium systems for the construction sector.

In Europe, one of the productive unites dealing with extrusion, coating and assembly of aluminum profiles is Hydro Building Systems in Miranda de Ebro, Spain.
The plant has a 22 tons extrusion press, a vertical coating plant, two thermal bridge assembly lines, an assembly line and a warehouse with logistic service.

The main core of Hydro Miranda is painting. The quality and durability of the coating are essential for all products: therefore, they have invested heavily to endorse the Qualicoat Seaside Class specifications.
The coating line here is a SAT vertical line that has recently undergone a revamping of the powder application part, with the introduction of a new SAT powder booth with guns, powder center and cyclone of last generation of Gema.
The booth type chosen by Hydro has been designed to coat the profiles with guns arranged on only one side of the conveyor. The profiles are hung on rotating hooks that allow a rotation of the pieces in the center of the booth.
The booth is composed of two vertical walls arranged as a "V" that enclose the conveyor sector where powder paint is sprayed on the profiles. The walls are self-cleaning and consist of a tape that rotates and is cleaned continuously during operation.
The booth has an automatic cleaning system for the exterior part, by means of compressed air rings that blow and eliminate the dust moving through the gun during the cleaning phase. The gun holder arm, on the reciprocator, is equipped with a drive that allows the operator to modify the distance between guns and profiles depending on their geometry and powder characteristics. The floor of the cabin has a “windscreen wiper” system for continuous cleaning, with recovery of the powder paint removed.

The booth is equipped with 24 guns OptiGun that guarantee a greater amount of powder and less dispersion in the recovery circuit. The powder center is the Opticenter OC02, which guarantees perfect powder fluidization and efficient color changes.

The immediate advantage that has been noticed with the introduction of the new booth is the reduction of the time needed for the color change from white to black (from almost 20 minutes to just 8 minutes for complete cleaning).
The finishing of the product is also better: by increasing the penetration, the coating is more homogeneous and widespread. Powder consumption has decreased, due to greater recovery efficiency.