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On 01.08.2014TheEuropeanPatent Office has certified with European patent the FOX® technology developed by SAT and,tonow,operatingin4different countries in the world. The plant FOX® is integrated to the vertical coating system and allows to pre- treat the profiles with a flash oxide layer (between 3 and 8 microns) that protects excellently the metal and the coated layer from corrosion. The profiles are loaded on the paint line and proceed to the following process:
· Pre-treatmentinacascadetunnel
· Flash Oxidation

· Rinsing with demineralized water
· Drying
· Coating
· Polymerization
· Cooling
· Unload

All these steps are performed on the same line.

This means that the running costs of vertical lines with standard pretreatment and vertical lines with FOX are very close.