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/ Brusher

SAT presents THE BRUSHER, the new Vertical Brushing Machine. Placed in-line prior to the entrance of the tunnel provided for the chemical pre-treatment, the aim of THE BRUSHER is to operate a mechanical pre-treatment of profiles surface.

There are three main advantages coming from a mechanical treatment before the chemical one:

· THE BRUSHER removes a relevant part of the aluminium particles (chips) or dirtiness coming from the extrusion process or from a non-ideal storage, drastically reducing the incidence of surface defects.

· THE BRUSHER permits to scratch the profile surface, increasing the overall surface of the profile and allowing a more thorough chemical attack. This means the possibility of reducing the chemical concentration inside the tank or reducing the time of contact: in any case, it reduces the consumption of chemicals into the pre-treatment tunnel.


· THE BRUSHER increases the grip of powder on the aluminium surface, guaranteeing outstanding adherence performances.

Thanks to the 3 pairs of brushes, the mechanical action intensity can be adjusted according to the desired result (varying the Round Per Minute of the brushes and their vertical speed). Test results show that up to 5 grams/m2 can be removed: it means that THE BRUSHER can be an efficient partner to obtain QUALICOAT SEASIDE endorsement, to reduce the chemical consumption and to minimize rejects/scraps.