/ SAT Anodizing

/ Fully automated anodizing lines for aluminium extrusions

The anodic oxidation system makes the treatment of aluminium profiles possible by means of immersion of the same profiles, hooked on hangers and support bars, in the treatment tanks.

SAT anodizing lines are renown for their automatization and high control of the process. With more than 40 anodizing lines sold worldwide and thanks to the possibility of offering a turnkey plants, SAT can offer a customized supervision software, high quality mechanical components and a specialized technical assistance.

The main advantages related to our SAT Anodizing Lines are:

  1. Enhanced Repeatability of the Process Parameters, and, Consequently, Much Higher Productive and Qualitative Standard than a manual or semiautomatic plant;
  2. Reduction of Baths Contamination;
  3. Optimization of the dosing of chemicals and constant monitoring and thermoregulation of the process tanks;
  4. Significant reduction in labour costs for the system management and constant results in thickness of oxide layer and in alternative finishings;
  5. Wide range of finishings achieved with mechanical pre-treatments, coloring, electrocoloring and special technologies;
  6. Possibility to switch at any time from fully automatic to manual to semi-automatic operating mode.