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In July 2022, SAT (SATaluminium.com) and Sierra Aluminum (SierraAluminum.com) joined forces for a project to install a full Automatic Anodizing Line in North America. The line will be one of the biggest and most innovative in the area.

SAT (Surface Aluminium Tech) is an Italian company part of the American group GRACO Inc. (Graco.com/us/en.html), based in Italy but with a well-established organization in USA. The focus of the company is the engineering, installation, and service of lines for aluminum extrusion surface finishing.

SIERRA Aluminum, a division of Samuel, Son & Co. (SierraAluminum.com), is a vertically integrated aluminum extrusion mill providing standard, custom and OEM aluminum products for an extremely wide range of different industries.

Sierra went through an extensive due diligence process  which included visits to operational lines in Europe. During these visits, Sierra closely observed the state-of-the-art SAT technologies. In particular, SAT’s implementation of a Fully Automatic Anodizing line was a key differentiator  for the US based Company.

“SAT was the most reliable partner for a highly automated solution which allows us to maintain strict control of all the process parameters,” said Robert Smith, Director of Manufacturing and Growth Strategy at Sierra.

The high level of automation of SAT lines is the result of the internal software engineering development that is ideal to make software and hardware work in close synergy.

“Thanks to the customized Supervision Software, it will be possible to constantly check and collect all data from the working tanks, and then link this information to each anodic bar. In this way at the end of the process every load will be accompanied by a specific and thorough production history” said Andrea Trevisan, SAT CEO.

The automatic management of the whole process will guarantee a high level of productivity with a reduction of downtime, fine-tuned dosing of chemical products, constant monitoring and thermoregulation of the process tanks.

“We’re very proud to announce this new partnership between SAT and Sierra for this first SAT Anodizing Line in North America. We are sure this collaboration represents a fundamental step for both companies and I really look forward to seeing the line in operations” said Andrea Trevisan, SAT CEO.