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A new product in the SAT family: C-Expert

A new product has finally arrived to enhance SAT technologies portfolio: we are glad to present the C-Expert Powder Booth (https://c-expert.com/)

With an extensive experience across numerous markets, SAT has introduced most of the innovative solutions recognized as worldwide standards nowadays. The C-Expert Powder Booth is just the latest result of the company capacity to receive the markets needs and tur them into technologies to serve customers better.


The C-Expert Powder Booth is specifically designed for an outstanding, uniform and deep coating of complex geometry pro­files, even at high conveyor speed. Because of the increasing average weight of profiles and the complexity of geometry in the architecture sector, often customers are forced to vary the speed of the vertical line conveyor.

This new booth allows to work at constant speed, with better results; it means higher productivity and less rejects.

C-Expert guarantees also a perfect integration with the new SAT VISI-1 system (for automatic powder coating); it means the highest level of automation in the market, with repeatability and incredible coating efficiency.

“We are convinced this booth is a game-changer for high-end and demanding markets. It’s the best vertical booth SAT has ever designed” said Andrea Trevisan, SAT CEO.

To know more about the C-Expert Powder booth visit https://c-expert.com/ or contact SAT Sales team at sales@sataluminium.com