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Did you know that 75% of the aluminum produced throughout history is still in use nowadays?

The Spanish institution Green Building Council España reports an article written by Jon de Olabarria, General Secretary of the Asociación Española del Aluminio (AEA), regarding the incredbile properties of aluminium.

Its most interesting quality is that it is an infinitely recyclable material.
In fact, it can be recycled without limit without losing its properties and quality. It does not deteriorate with recycling and 75% percent of all the aluminium that has been produced in the world throughout history is currently in use.
The goal for 2020 is to cover 30% of the global demand for aluminum with recycled metal. Definitively, aluminum is always the answer.

For more info, take a look at the article: https://gbce.es/blog/2020/06/29/el-75-del-aluminio-producido-sigue-en-fase-de-uso/