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SAT and Altus for the 1st Profile Recognition System in Oceania

The magazine IPCM (International Paint & Coating Magazine) dedicates an article to SAT Cube Vertical Line in Altus NZ Ltd.

The leading manufacturer of award-winning window systems and industrial aluminium in New Zealand has decided to rely on SAT for a Vertical powder coating plant with a twin booths system.

With SAT line, Altus can fulfill all its customers’ requests in term of large colour range and profile lengths optimized for efficient window and door fabrication.

The most important aspects the New Zealand company wanted to reach with SAT plant were fast colour changes, an improvement in powder coat surface finish quality and an increase in powder efficiency. All these conditions have been satisfied thanks to the collaboration between SAT and Altus.

Regarding the technical aspects of the installation, with a conveyor speed of 1.5 m/min, the line features 2 “V” shaped powder coating booths with high transfer efficiency and 2 vertical self-cleaning walls rotating and cleaning in continuous.

The booths are equipped with 2 Gema automatic powder application systems, each 1 consisting of a GEMA Powder Centre, model OptiCenter OC03, equipped with 18 GEMA automatic guns, model OptiGun GA03-P, with angled heads 60° and 18 GEMA dense phase pumps AP01.

Moreover, SAT supplied to Altus the state-of-the-art VISI-1 profile recognition system, able to recognise a profile from its section and automatically control all process settings, thus ensuring a fully repeatable finish.

To read the whole article:

[A. Venturi, “The Profile Recognition System Helps New Zealand Company Altus Reaching New Quality Heights in the Powder Coating of Aluminium Profiles for Architecture” in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine no. 65 (September/October 2020), pp. 66-70.]