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SAT & Aluar: a collaboration for one of the most advanced vertical powder coating line in Latin America

The magazine IPCM (International Paint & Coating Magazine) in its Ibérica and Latino America talks about SAT and the vertical line in Aluar Aluminio Argentino.


The Argentinian company, leader in the field of aluminium carpentry, has chosen SAT and its vertical powder coating plant for the productive unit in Buenos Aires.

The line is equipped with 2 increased V-Shape Powder Coatings booths working in parallel for high speed lines with Gema OptiCentre OC02 and 24 automatic guns.

Moreover, we completed the order with the inclusion of an EZY powder-on-powder wood effect decoration machine.

Thanks to the acquisition of SAT technologies, Aluar has tripled its range of standard finishings providing a more diversified service to its customers and a superior quality.

Changing their previous liquid coating line, which had strong limitations in colour changes, they experienced a better productivity with high process speed, a higher flexibility in the colour changes, a better efficiency in the consumption of raw materials, a strong attention to the environment thanks to the efficient pre-treatment solutions and low water consumption.

The advanced solution offered by SAT to the Argentinian company includes also the Vision System for automatic recognition and coating of profiles.

This technology is able to recognize the cross section of the profiles after their loading on the line, in order to provide a recipe for the adjustment of electrostatic guns.

This represents a fundamental step towards full control of the coating process, thanks to the ability to accurately repeat the parameters and therefore the results of the coating.