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SAT & Alural. A new in-line Pre-Anodising FOX System and a C-Expert Booth for the productive unit of Lummen

The magazine IPCM (International Paint & Coating Magazine) dedicates an article to SAT Vertical Line in Alural Lummen NV.

Alural, one of the largest aluminium coating contractors in the world and part of Reynaers Aluminium Group since 2011, has decided to rely once again on SAT for its vertical coating system. It represents the 3rd line – one in Tisselt and the other two in Lummen – designed, installed, and subsequently revamped by SAT for Alural.

Moreover, in the last two years, SAT has carried out three major interventions on Alural’s vertical coating lines: in 2020, the Tisselt plant was almost completely revamped, with the exception of the conveyor, and the two application booths were replaced with newer V-Shape ones.

In 2021, SAT installed a new vertical system in Lummen, which included the C-Expert application booth launched by the company in March this year. Also in 2021, SAT integrated the already-existing vertical plant in Lummen with a FOX system for in-line pre-anodising processes.

The choice of just a single partner for the vertical coating systems is due to a smoother and easier way of working and an immediate replace of the spare parts if necessary.

To read the article: https://www.sataluminium.com/_upload/_allegato/1633444076.78_123.2021.09-10_IPCM_SATandAlural.PDF