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SAT and Alutex for a new Vertical Line in Uzbekistan

The Extrusion Company Alutex, one of the leading manufacturers of modern aluminum profiles in Uzbekistan since 1999, chose SAT and its state-of-the-art equipment for the productive unit in Tashkent.

The mission of the Uzbek Company is aimed at the production of a high-quality and modern products; the use of modern technologies for the development and production of aluminum profiles, the use of reliable components and the constant improvement of the professional knowledge of the staff pushed Alutex to trust in SAT for its new Powder Coating line.

With a conveyor speed of 2,2 m/minute, the installation foresees a “cascade” pre-treatment tunnel, PP tanks and PVC walls. SAT provided a new “V” shape booth (open type booth) with nr. 2 vertical self-cleaning walls. Regarding the electrostatic powder application equipment, SAT offered a GEMA Powder Center model OptiCenter OC08 with open powder hopper and 24 GEMA Automatic guns model OptiGun GA03.

A huge thank you goes to our Mechanical Supervisor Vlad and our Software Technician Christian and to all the Alutex team who followed and contributed to successfully conclude this project!