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SAT and AMS for the 1st Anodizing Line in Ireland

We’re proud to announce we’ve just concluded the start-up of an Anodizing Line for the Irish company AMS (Architectural & Metal Systems) located in Cork.

AMS (Architectural & Metal Systems) – specialised in aluminium extrusion and aluminium profiles for a several industries as well as façade, aluminium doors and aluminium windows for commercial and residential projects in Ireland, UK and internationally since 1990 – chose SAT for the Anodizing line for the productive unit in Cork, south-west of Ireland.

The design of the line foresees three anodizing tanks, each equipped with a rectifier of 15.000A (for a total size of the plant of 45.000A).

SAT foresaw also one electro-colouring tank equipped with a transformer of 8000A, with the possibility to get the variety of tonality as: champagne/bronze/brown/black.

The line is equipped with a third bridge crane; these are special bridge cranes able to handle two anodic bars at the same time and had a device on board to adjust the distance between the two anodic bars.

To eliminate the drop of productivity due to the return in counter-flow of the empty bars along the tanks line, SAT designed an extra crane with special design, operating at a higher level than the other bridge cranes.

A huge thank you goes to our Software Engineer Claudio Formica and our Electrical Technician Daniele Grecchi and to all the AMS people who followed and contributed to successfully conclude this project!

If you want to understand better the customized solution SAT can offer you, please contact our Sales Team at sales@sataluminium.com