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A new SAT Vertical Line for Benkam Alu Extrusions

Benkam, the largest producer of extrusion aluminum in Central Asia and leader in the supply of aluminum profiles for various purposes, chose once again a SAT Vertical Line – the 3rd after the ones in 2016 and 2014.

With more than 250 specialists engaged in production, the Uzbek enterprise has a production of more than 3000 tons of aluminum profiles per month. To fulfill the customers’ request, Benkam opted for a SAT Vertical Powder Coating Line with 1 Cube Powder Coating Booth equipped with GEMA OptiCenter OC02 with 24 guns.

Finally, SAT completed the supply with a Vertical Brushing Machine for mechanical pre-treatment.

The vertical brushing machine is placed “in line” along the path of the aerial conveyor chain: this means that all the profiles pass throughout the vertical brushing machine prior to the entrance into the tunnel provided for the chemical pre-treatment.

The aim of this machine is to operate a mechanical pre-treatment of the surface of the two main opposite sides of the profiles to remove a relevant part of the aluminium or other dust particles related to general “dirtiness” from the treated faces of the profile. This will allow to reduce drastically the incidence of the surface defects related to this causes. Furthermore the brushing machine allows to scratch the profile surface of the two main sides and this will simplify the chemical attack that takes part into the pre-treatment tunnel.