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SAT and Exlabesa - IPCM

Exlabesa, one of the main players in the European market for aluminium profiles for industry and systems for architecture, has placed its trust once again in SAT to meet the needs of more than 15,000 customers around the world.

In the productive unit in Padrón y Rois (Spain) SAT has installed a concentrate of its most recent technologies, with the tried-and-tested V-Shape Powder Coating Booths.

To strategically structure the company in order to fulfill any market demand with very short response time and delivery time, Exlabesa included the new vertical coating installation in the investment plan.

The SAT/Trevisan Vertical Line has an operating speed of 2.2 m/min and a productivity of 3 tons/hour, and it can process profiles up to a maximum length of 8 meters.

The line is equipped with 2 V-Shape powder coating booths with high transfer efficiency. The electrostatic spraying equipment is from Gema, with an OptiCenter OC08 equipped with 24 OptiGun GA03 automatic guns and G07 injectors. The pretreatment tunnel is made of stainless steel and performs a cycle with double alkaline-acid attack (dual attack type AA1), to meet the requirements of quality certifications

The assembly of SAT installation reinforces both the fruitful collaboration with Exlabesa – it is the 5th SAT /Trevisan line supplied to the group – and consolidates SAT presence as the main company in the sector in Spain. When Exlabesa chose to invest in a new vertical installation, they opted for a partner that has proven to be solid and to be able to provide excellent after-sales support.

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