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SAT and Extrusax

Extrusax, active in the field of aluminium profiles for industrial sector, has chosen SAT for the new vertical line in the productive unit of Alcantarilla, Murcia.

With a chain speed of 1,5 meters/minute, the new installation foresees 2 Cube Grande (V-Shape) Powder Coating Booths equipped with Gema OptiCentre OC08 and 20 automatic guns model OptiGun GA03.

Finally, SAT offered to Extrusax the Visicoat, one of the most important innovations in the control of the aluminium profile coating process with the introduction of AI.

A huge thank you goes to our Mechanical Supervisor Raffaele and our Software Technicians Massimo and Lorenzo and to all the Extrusax team who followed and contributed to successfully conclude this project!