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SAT and the revamping in Kromoss, Italy

Summer is a very important period for our company, especially for the revamping of the existing lines.


This time, we would like to talk about Kromoss.

The Italian company, leader in the sector of aluminium profiles surface treatments for architecture, has chosen SAT for the revamping of the 2 powder coating booths in the productive unit in Aielli.

Regarding the electrostatic powder application equipment, the customer adopted the Gema solution to put together the 2 main players in the aluminium powder coating market.


Moreover, we added to the supply the latest innovation of SAT technology: the Vision System for automatic recognition and coating of profiles.

The vision system is able to recognize the cross section of the profiles after their loading on the line, in order to provide a recipe for the adjustment of electrostatic guns.

This is a fundamental step towards full control of the coating process, thanks to the ability to accurately repeat the parameters and therefore the results of the coating.


Are you interested in discover more about one of the most important innovations in the control of the aluminium profile? Contact our Sales Department at: sales@sataluminium.com