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Stobag Alufinish, 2 New Sat V Shape Booths in Less than 2 Years

To meet the most diverse customer needs quickly, the leading job coater STOBAG Alufinish GmbH – part of the STOBAG Group, premium member of GSB International and coating in compliance with QUALICOAT quality standards – in 2018 chose to revamp one of the two coating booths present in their productive unit in Wutöschingen. Satisfied with the results obtained, they recently turned again to SAT  for the modernization of the 2nd coating booth.

The partnership between SAT and Stobag Alufinish began in 2002 when the German company decided to install a coating booth equipped with foil walls and 20 guns, to replace the existing vertical system.

After 17 years, STOBAG again chose SAT technology to increase productivity and to offer a product with an even higher quality level. This time they opted for a V-shaped powder coating booth equipped with 20 powder guns supplied by Gema.

To meet the market demands, Stobag Alufinish needed a system that would allow them to have quick colour changes and speed in terms of booth cleaning. With the first booth revamping in 2018, performance and flexibility proved to be fully satisfactory from the first moment and a saving of about 16% of powder consumption was noticed. Based on these results, they have decided to replace the 2nd booth as well. The main advantages are less powder consumption, higher application efficiency, improved penetration into slot areas, and faster colour changes.