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SAT and Tower Extrusions for the new Automated Unloader

We’d really like to thank Tim Horist, our North America Service Manager, for the great job for Tower Extrusions.

In particular, we installed for the US company a new Automated Unloader – a cutting-edge technology able to manage big profiles in an easier and more efficient way.

The Automated Unloader allows the customer to offload extrusions from the vertical powder coating system without adjusting the position of the unload system. It is able to eliminate the gaps between the extrusions on the line and to minimize marring and bending of the parts as they move along the vertical curve of the conveyor.


The main advantages related to this technology are:

  • Higher productivity

Thanks to the ability of managing both big and heavy but also short parts, the Automated Unloader eliminates the gaps on the conveyor due to mixed length and the conveyor stops due to falling parts.

You can now produce more profiles per shift than ever before!

  • Higher Quality

It offers the customer the possibility to prevent the parts from tangling, banging, marring, bunching up or dropping avoiding rejects; moreover, it reduces the number of scraps.

  • Higher Safety

It reduces the risk of falling parts, parts are unloaded even if unhooked and they are evenly spaced for final packaging. Finally, it makes the work easier because of less handling.


To discover more about this cutting-edge technology, take a look at the brochure or contact our Sales Team at sales@sataluminium.com

In the photo, from the left: James Lucas (Tower Extrusions Project Manager), Tim Horist (SAT North America Service Manager) & Lee Jones (Tower Extrusions Finishing Manager)