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The new SAT Line for Cortizo Manzanares

The international group Aluminios Cortizo, based in Padrón – Galicia, has placed its trust once again in SAT and its equipment at the forefront of technology for its productive unit in Manzanares, Spain.

The new Cortizo Vertical Powder Coating Line – equipped with 2 Cube Powder Coating Booths, 1 Extendible Conveyor System and 1 Vertical Brushing Machine – represents the 10th SAT plants installed for the Cortizo Group since 2014.

The choice fell again on SAT for the high quality offer we tailor made for the customer:  firstly we provided 2 "V" shape fast cleaning Powder Coating Booths with high powder transfer efficiency. Thanks to this model of booth Cortizo has improved the powder penetration, the coating thickness uniformity, the physical quality of the coating layer consisting mainly in fresh powder; finally the customer was able to optimize the distribution of powder on all the sides of the profiles and to reduce dramatically the consumption of powder.

Then, we foresee Polypropylene tanks and PVC walls for the pre-treatment tunnel to ensure the best conditions to work with chemicals and to grant durability, resistance against corrosion and thermal insulation.

Moreover, we implemented our offer by equipping our Vertical Line with a Curing Oven with Revolving Doors system. This development, entirely patented by SAT, allows the profile to enter and exit the oven while it is kept constantly closed. Due to this expedient, the customer can reach a drastic reduction of the energy consumption of the whole system and a final product quality improvement.

Finally, we have provided a Vertical Brushing Machine placed in line prior to the entrance of the tunnel in order to operate a mechanical pre-treatment of profiles surface. The brushing machine removes a relevant part of the aluminium particles, reducing drastically the incidence of surface defects. Furthermore, the brushing machine scratches the profile surface, simplifying the chemical attack and increasing the chemical etching rate. While the profiles are treated by the brushing machine, they are not moving along the conveyor line thanks to the extendible conveyor system that keeps them still during the bushing phase.