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A new Visicoat automation system and a Brushing Machine for the French company SLA Industrie

At the beginning of 2021, SLA Industrie – part of ATRYA Group and service company for the procurement, processing, finishing and assembly of aluminium profiles –decided to revamp the existing line installed by SAT in 2019.

The idea was clear and was planned to make the line as technologically advanced as possible. The choice fell on the Brushing machine and the new Visicoat Automation System.


The Brusher, the new Vertical Brushing Machine entirely designed by SAT, is a technological solution placed in-line prior to the entrance of the tunnel provided for the chemical pre-treatment. Its aim is to operate a mechanical pre-treatment of profiles surface.

Removing a relevant part of the aluminium particles or dirtiness coming from the extrusion process or from a non-ideal storage, the Brusher drastically reduces the incidence of surface defects. Moreover, scratching the profile surface and increasing the overall surface of the profile, it allows a more thorough chemical attack. This means the possibility of reducing the chemical concentration inside the tank or reducing the time of contact: in any case, it reduces the consumption of chemicals into the pre-treatment tunnel. Finally, the Brusher increases the grip of powder on the aluminium surface, guaranteeing outstanding adherence performances.


But the most striking innovation is represented by Visicoat, the new level of Automation in Vertical Powder Coating.

SAT has introduced one of the most important innovations in the control of the aluminium profile coating process with the introduction of AI: the unique Vision Recognition System developed specifically for vertical coating lines.

Thanks to a close collaboration between SAT & Gema, Visicoat is able to recognize the cross section of the profiles, and conduct the coating process autonomously through our sophisticated AI solution.

The Visicoat installed in SLA Industrie represents the 9th Vision Recognition system installed by SAT worldwide.


We would really like to thank our technicians – Massimo Casalaina and Lorenzo Aldrighetti– and the SLA Team for the excellent work!