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C-Expert, the real game-changer in powder coating market

When we first presented the C-Expert in April, we were obviously aware of the revolutionary impact of such an innovation. In fact, the C-Expert Powder Booth is the result of several years of work of SAT R&D department.

What we really did not expect is the short time C-Expert took to become a real game changer in the aluminum profile coating market. In less than 5 months, SAT sold more than 15 C-Expert powder booths worldwide, including both new lines and revamping of existing plants. This represents a real sales record and we are all very proud for such a result!

The new product – arrived to enhance SAT technologies portfolio since April 2021 – is specifically designed for an outstanding, uniform and deep coating of complex geometry profiles, even at high conveyor speed.

It allows to work at constant speed, with better results; it means higher productivity and less rejects.

C-Expert guarantees also a perfect integration with the new SAT Visicoat system (for automatic powder coating); it means the highest level of automation in the market, with repeatability and incredible coating efficiency.


The release of the C-Expert was followed by great enthusiasm of our customers. In fact, they immediately understand that the product fills the gap of all those high-end and demanding markets, looking for the best coating solution for difficult profiles also at high conveyor speeds.


To know more about the C-Expert Powder booth visit https://c-expert.com/ or contact SAT Sales team at sales@sataluminium.com