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SAT and a new line for the Moroccan company Alpha Group

With a conveyor speed up to 2,0 m/min, the line installed in Alpha Group is able to guarantee a production output of about 760 coated profiles/hour, with an average weight of 12000 tons/year.


The plant foresees a “cascade” pre-treatment tunnel, tanks and walls in Stainless steel.

It is equipped with 1 SAT V-Shape Powder Coating Booth with high transfer efficiency.  Designed specifically for vertical powder coating of extrusions, this booth leads to a very compact installation with automatic guns, installed on a multi-arm vertical reciprocator. The booth consists of two vertical walls that encompass the path of the overhead conveyor. Powder is applied to both sides of the profiles inside the wall area. Each of the walls is comprised of a rotating belt that is continuously cleaned.

Regarding the electrostatic powder application equipment, thanks to the partnership between SAT and Gema, the line is equipped with a Gema OptiCenter OC08 with 20 GEMA Automatic Guns model OptiGun GA03. OC08 is combined with the MagicControl 4.0 (or CM40). The CM40 represents the most advanced interface for Smart Factory Automation: this powerful control unit can control all the system’s components and automation functions. The system control ensures intelligent networking for all application components providing greater efficiency and manageability to the process.

The MagicControl 40.0 is combined with Gap control system in order to detect the presence of profiles and turn on the guns when profiles are in front of the guns, allowing automatic powder savings each time the conveyor is empty in the booth.


SAT proposed to Alpha Group the new generation separate curing and drying ovens characterized by the position of the fans at the bottom of the device (with a main advantage in term of maintenance). They have been installed in many of our vertical lines.

The main innovations of the new generation curing oven have enabled an optimization of energy consumption thanks to the positioning of the fans at the bottom of the oven, the separation of the curing zone from the entrance and exit corridors, and mainly thanks to the high efficiency combustion chamber to optimize the use of the thermal energy produced.


A huge thank you goes to our Mechanical Supervisor Giancarlo Motta and our Software Technician Massimo Casalaina and to all the Alpha Group people who followed and contributed to successfully conclude this project!